Who We  Are

This information is about us and our company but actually it is for you – our recent and future clients. We shall not pay attention to our success – you will convince yourself without our help. You will face our professionalism, creativity, non-standard approach and low prices.

And what we know about us for sure is that:

  • You and your products deserve the best advertisement ever.
  • You always insist on professional assistance. You shall insist on our assistance.
  • You want your product to be represented in the best way. This representation is as a result of the flexible media channels we use.
  • You often need constructions to make your brand visible and popular. You can rent some from CROPS.
  • Your time is priceless and all the contracts you or your clients make are of a great importance for your high-growth business.

P.S: We truly believe that making business using no advertisement, is like winking in the dark – you know what you do but nobody else can see it.

So, why don’t you use our Contacts and make the flirt with your potential clients pleasant?

Our Experience

Press - 10 years
Design - 10 years
Web design - 8 years
SEO - 6 years
Advertising agency in Sofia, Advertising agency in Bulgaria

Our mission:


Our mission is to offer the clients the widest range of advertising services – from “A” to “Z”.

Our Team

Aleksandar Ivanov


Advertising agency in Sofia, Advertising agency in Bulgaria
Teodora Petrova


Zdravka Nencheva


Advertising agency in Sofia, Advertising agency in Bulgaria
Joanna Milanova

Office Manager

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