Read some short information about:

  • Vacuum forming
  • Border cutting
  • Engraving
  • Milling services

All the listed services are of a great importance for your business and advertising campaign. No matter what kind of project you are about to realize, you will need cutting and formatting for sure. These acts are one of the first steps you and we shall take before going on. We own machinery, equipment and qualified human resources, so calm down and let us make your advertising dream come true.

Advertising agency in Sofia, Advertising agency in Bulgaria

Vacuum forming

The process of vacuum forming is well known in our industry. It is usually used when our clients want to gain new, non-standard advertising products: boxes, illuminated name-plates, advertising for public places…Leave symmetrical and regular shapes in peace. You need something fresh and recognizable.  You can understand more about this process, when you contact us.


We use electric engraving machines, used in drawing offices, too. They can be useful, for example, when producing plastic cards entirely or partly of synthetics, pens, boxes, watches, household utensils, souvenirs – you name it. Make priceless gifts for your family, friends, beloved, make their holidays unforgettable.

Border cutting

If you have already gained your non-standard pictures/photos printed, now it is time for their border cutting. This service is one of the most appropriate once used for preparing stickers for your business. You don’t have to be worry about the shapes or dimensions of your materials. Border cutting is a better option than hand-cutting because you can’t make mistakes and you can’t destroy the products. Call us to tell you more about this process. Be careful with all the details!

Milling services

In addition to milling service, we can also suggest drilling, stampling, punching, tapping… We use all of them often because of the numerous contracts we daily receive from our clients. Some of the materials, details and products we treat are: PVC, aluminum, wood, plexiglass, decorations, headforms… if you need more information about the procedure of milling, we are waiting for your mail or call.

Advertising agency in Sofia, Advertising agency in Bulgaria