You can get from us:

  • Plexiglas products
  • Banners & Displays
  • Uncommon advertising structures
Advertising agency in Sofia, Advertising agency in Bulgaria

Plexiglas products

We can manufacture all kind of known and unknown plexiglass products. Here you can obtain information about the advantages of the material:

  • Twice as much light as glass
  • Frost-resistance, weather-proof
  • High temperatures (100C+) make it easily shaped

That’s why Plexiglas products are often preferred by other advertising feedstock. You can find examples for some plexiglass materials in our Portfolio.

Banners & Displays

In our advertising agency you will find banners and displays with different dimensions and proportions. Their size depends on your goal/s. In case you don’t want to miss your mark, it would be better for you to look for some professional advises. Contact us and our specialists will answer all the questions you ask. Present your mission, ambitions, products and desires using our banners and displays.

Uncommon advertising structures

I you want to become popular and unforgettable trade mark, you must push all the standards away. What do we mean?

It will be great if you have unusual thinking because lots of people don’t even care about their reputation. And what is pity – they don’t realize the purpose of non-standard advertising structures.

In our Portfolio you can all the projects of advertising structures our clients have asked for.

Advertising agency in Sofia, Advertising agency in Bulgaria