We can offer you:

  • Inserting effects
  • Image processing
  • Art Photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Product photography
  • Event photography
Advertising agency in Sofia, Advertising agency in Bulgaria

Image processing

Thanks to some of the latest digital imaging techniques, we are now able to restore art works in the best way. There are to main kinds of image processing – one for analogue information and one – for digital information. You are aware between the differences between them, so we will not speak about that. What is more important is that we shall help you in both ways.

Event photography

Make memories. You need our service Event photography for your birthday, name day, wedding, cocktails, team buildings and so on. Our professionals and equipment can help you express your emotions and feelings. You can overview our web site promotirai.com – there you can find all of the projects we have implemented by now.

Portrait photography

This is one of the most popular photographic categories. Everyone needs a portrait more than once in life. And so you do. Our specialists can catch your individual specifics, character, feeling and emotions and all of them will be dragged into the photo. Ask for your professionally-prepared portrait.

Art Photography

One picture or photography can become an original work of art, if you put the secret ingredient in the meal. This ingredient is the art photography. As a result you will gain a perfect combination between aesthetics and high-qualitаtive advertising material.

Product photography

All of you want to sell. But not everybody wants to buy. First of all, you have to convince them using our professional product photography. We can take pictures of all of the products you have or want to place in a catalogue. They can be also placed in your web site. And when your potential clients are in two minds and can’t decide whether they want or do not want to buy, we will convince them to invest in your services/products.

Inserting effects

If you want to impress with your own photos, we can help you. Our advice is to think of adding some effects by a professional graphic designer.

Advertising agency in Sofia, Advertising agency in Bulgaria